Pumpkin weaving

This was a last minute idea. My son thought for sure we were weaving when we cut out the one inch strips for the last pumpkin craft. So, why not?


We used:
4 colors of paper

We weaved togethers a square gluing where needed. Then we cut it into a circle together.

Pumpkin Halloween Craft

These pumpkins don’t take long. To keep the kids busy I roughly draw lines one inch apart and let them cut. Busy kids =happy kids


Here are step by step instructions:

Take a green strip and make a figure 8, then staple

Next take 5 orange strips and staple together as shown.

Then hold the middle strip and take the next two inner strips pull down and staple.

Take the next two and do the same try to get spacing right and staple.

Cut off the top to make even.

Take the green figure 8 fold in half and staple over top.

Mouth Full of Bugs

We are really getting into the spirit celebrating Halloween. This completely freaks me out thinking about having a bug crawl in my mouth. I had a bag of bugs we bought at the dollar store.

Apple, marshmallows, peanut butter

Here is what you need:

Mini marshmallows
Peanut butter (optional)
Plastic bugs

I sliced the apple and used peanut butter to make the marshmallows stick. Then we placed the bug on top to make it creepy 😉

Color Noodles

Have you done this? It was actually way easier then I would have thought.




Here is what you need:

Food coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Ziplock baggies

Put noodles in a bag and add a few drops of food coloring to the bag. Then add about a tablespoon of the rubbing alcohol and the pasta.

Seal the bag and mix up tell all noodles are covered and you have the color you want. Let set a few hours.

I used cookie sheets with wax paper. Then put the noodles on top to dry. We let the pasta dry outside for a few hours.

This is a perfect craft because you can make a million more crafts with it 🙂

Would You Like Some Worms With That?

This wormy drink is sure to put a smile on your littles faces. This is something you can put together quickly. Bonus kids think it is super funny to drink worms.



All you will need:

gummy worms

ice cube tray

apple Juice

drop of food coloring (optional)

For the ice cubes I just used water. We put them into green bug juice. The bug juice was apple juice with one drop green food coloring.

Trick Or Treat, Paint My Feet!

Here is another on of those crafts that make me laugh out loud. I saw this and a daycare craft share page and I couldn’t wait to paint feet.


Grab some:
Paint Brushes
Googly eyes

We took the paint brush and painted everyone’s feet green as the giggled with excitement.  Then let them stamp their foot on the paper. We keep a wet paper towel ready to wipe clean to save on a mess later. Then used a marker to add details once dried.

Coffee Filter Spider Webs

These webs are again simple, cute, and you must likely have a coffee filter around the house. I have some and I don’t even drink coffee. 


Here is what you need:
Coffee filter
White crayon
Water colors

I just drew the lines with the crayon. It is hard to see so I went about every third wrinkle on the filter. Then we use water colors and painted making sure everything got covered.