Finger Print Turkeys

This turkey craft is quick and adorable. All you need are makers,  paper, and  some little fingers.  You could use and ink pad to but washable makers seem to work the best.



Colored Popcorn Seeds

This is fun! What should we craft with these?


Here is what you need:

Popcorn Seeds
Food coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Ziplock baggies

Put popcorn seeds in a bag and added a few drops of food coloring to the bag. Then add about a tablespoon of the rubbing alcohol and the popcorn. Seal the bag and mix up tell all seed are covered and you have the color you want. I used cookie sheets with wax paper. Then put the popcorn on top to dry. We let the seeds dry outside for a few hours. This is a perfect craft because you can make a million more crafts with it 🙂

Someone suggested I pop it.

Little disappointed thought it would be colored. Still cute.