Slime and Amazing Super Bubbles!

First time we tried to make this slime,  and image the smiles you will get when you blow these giant bubbles with it!


These pictures don’t even begin to share the amazement in the kiddos eyes.


Here is what we used :
1/2 cup Elmer’s Glitter Glue

1/2 cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch

1/2 cup water
Straw (hard plastic worked best)

Mix the glue and water first. Mix well!

Then add the starch. Mix, mix, mix!

Dump out excess water. I actually used a strainer. Next knead together. Let the kids knead, and play with with the slime. This takes a while to become a slime texture. It was stringy tell fully mixed.

For bubbles, flatten out a piece of slime and wrap it around the straw. Then blow and hear the giggles begin.  Of course it is fun to get a giant bubble, but the kids laugh louder when they *pop*

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