Q-tip Indian Corn Craft

Dap, dap, dap, dot, dot, dot  🙂 These corn cobs will keep little fingers busy for a bit.



Here is what we used:
Construction paper
Paper bag

I cut a corn shape out of the yellow paper and the paper bag. Then cut the paper bag one down the middle.

Give the kids the yellow, a few different colors of paint, and a q-tips. Let them paint.

Then punch two holes on the bottom of the corn and one in each half of the brown corn shape.

Take the twine and tie together as pictured.



5 thoughts on “Q-tip Indian Corn Craft

  1. WOAH! Love how quick and easy this craft is! I know a couple of mom’s who would love to get this one done as part of their “keep the busy” day! Love it!


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