Christmas Wreath Craft

I have yet to find a kid who doesn’t like to paint. It was a little messy painting these wreaths, but worth it.

Christmas Wreaths

Here is what we used:
Two different size bowls
Green paint
Red bingo dobber
Loofah (you could use a regular sponge)

Christmas Wreath Crafts

Look for two bowls a big one and a little one. Trace the big one then center the little one, trace, and cut the both out.

Pour some green paint in a bowl, dip the loofah in and dap it all around the white circle.

Use the red bingo dobber and let kids make berries in any pattern they wish.

Cut a red paper into one inch strips. Staple two together in a v as shown above. Then pull the two end down and cross to make a bow. Staple together and to the wreath at the same time.

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