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Christmas Crafts

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Melted Beads In Cookie Cutter Ornaments

We have been seeing these melted beads all over the web so I thought we would give it a try.


Here is what we used:
Aluminum Foil
Peler Beads
Pony  Beads
Cookie cutters


1. Line a pan with aluminum foil place cookie cutters on top, and spray with cooking spray.

2. We separate the beads into colors. Green went in the tree, yellow in the star and so on.

3. I added a pony bead to the top of each thinking that would be a great spot to put in the string after. Also we I added a few more on the Christmas tree.

4. Bake at 400 for 10 mins or until melted.

5.  I took them out and placed in freezer for a few mins.

6. Some of my pony beads fell out and they all melted shut. I just pulled out all the melted ones. There was still a hole so no worries.  I used a string, laced on one new non-melted bead and then laced though the ornament.

Here is the sight I got the melted bead idea from

Borax Snowflake Experiment

We made these in school when I was a kid. I thought my son would enjoy it. We made these at breakfast ti mme and by the time he got off the bus they were done 🙂

Borax Snowflake

Here is what we used:
Pipe cleaners, order here
8 cups water
1 1/2  cups Borax

Boil the eight cups of water.

Then add borax and hot water to glass dish.

Hang your pipe cleaner creations from the skewer.

Wait around 8 hr. Try your hardest not to touch.

Borax Snowflake Experiment

Be careful not to let little ones put these in their mouths.

Elf and Santa Holiday Hats

We will do a two for one here since the elf and santa hats are made the same way.


Here what you need:
Construction paper
Cotton balls


1. Fold a large sheet of construction paper in half. Cut out the shape you would like for your hat. Mine is a little off to the side but you can just do a triangle. 

2. Take another sheet of the red paper cut into three strip the long way. Take one and staple it just to the front of the hat right in the middle.

3. Use the two end fit to your little ones head and staple each side as seen above.

4. Take a small green sheet of construction paper and cut a in half with a zigzag line.

5. Staple the green paper on to the hat by the points so you can glue cotton balls over the top.

6. Staple the green sides together and to the red band at the same time.

7. Add cotton balls with glue

Away In The Manger

Here is a family Chistmas tradition I would like to share with you. This little manger scene is the perfect ornament for any tree.


When I was little we would pull out the Chistmas cards from the year before dig though, and cut out a Manger seen or two. Now most Chistmas cards are photo cards so you might need to look a little harder.

Here is what we used:
2 Chistmas cards or images
30 toothpicks
4 cotton balls


1. Take 5 toothpicks glue together to make a house shape.

2. Find two cards or other images and trace around the toothpicks, and cut on the inside of the line.

3. Glue two images together

4.  Put a dot of glue on each corner of the tooth pick frame and place the images on top. Then make another layer on top. Repeat the toothpicks frame three times.


5. Flip over and do the same on the other side.

6. Glue a few cotton balls to the top

7. Add a string and hang on your tree

Cereal Box Star Ornaments

It is our daycare tradition to make a star ornament each year. This was the one from last year. We just pulled out tonight and put it on our tree ♡


Here is what we used:
A cereal box

First we cut out two squares from the cereal box and followed the folding directions here twice.

Then glued the two stars together.

We took them outside and spay painted sliver.

Once dry we added the ribbon

*** I did let the kids color them with markers but the marker was all faded off when we opened this year.