Pretzel Dinosaur Tails

My daycare are in love with the spiked dinosaur tails.

Dinosaur Tail Pretzel Snack

What we used:
Almond Bark
Shaped Sprinkles

Melted almond bark in a glass mixing every 30 seconds. Took about 2 mins.
Dipped pretzels and decorated.

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Dinosaur Tails

Have you ever tried to get your littles to stand still with a dinosaur tail on?

Dinosaur Tail

Here is what we used:
Large Size Paper
Hole punch

Fold the paper in half and cut the tail shape.

When paper is still folded on the top punch a hole so you have two on top and string yarn though.

With the scraps cut out some triangles for spikes and glue the on.

Tie the tail around waistband. Works really great with belt loops 🙂

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