Peppermint Ornaments

My own kids had a blast making these ornaments, and taste testing these of course. They did all the unwrapping on these. Then watched with pure excitement while they baked.


Here is what we used:
Cookie Cutters

Baking Sheet
Cooking Spray
Aluminum Foil


We lined the cookie sheet, placed the cookie cutters on top and sprayed cooking spray.

We placed the mints in, if the didn’t fit we placed a few on top of each other. For the snowflakes we placed the mint standing on its side and it melted down just fine.

We bake them for about 7 mins at 350. Just watch tell they are almost flat.

Cooled on the counter. I used a toothpick to make on small hole on top so we can hang on our tree.

Once cool modge podge or they will be sticking!

We found this idea at

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Silent Night Christmas Ornaments

Well only 2 more days of daycare tell the new year. Here is one more ornament idea♡

Silent Night Christmas Ornaments

Here what we used:
Craft wood circles (we got at Walmart I think it was a dollar for six)
Gold paint (also bought at Walmart for $1.50)
Hot glue

We took pictures with a santa hat. Then I emailed them to myself and made 3 inch circles with the faces and added the words silent night.

We painted the circles gold, then modge podged on the photos. I also sprinkled a tiny bit of gittler on before they dried.

On the back I hot glued on the twine so they could be hung on the tree.

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Q-tip Indian Corn Craft

Dap, dap, dap, dot, dot, dot  🙂 These corn cobs will keep little fingers busy for a bit.



Here is what we used:
Construction paper
Paper bag

I cut a corn shape out of the yellow paper and the paper bag. Then cut the paper bag one down the middle.

Give the kids the yellow, a few different colors of paint, and a q-tips. Let them paint.

Then punch two holes on the bottom of the corn and one in each half of the brown corn shape.

Take the twine and tie together as pictured.

Spider Web

This web kept my little spiders busy for hours. The dance, walked, crawled, and even drove cars around on it.



Here is what we used:
Black electrical tape
Then I had a few spider stickers laying around the house.

Oreo Monster Eyeballs

I have never seen a cute craft I didn’t want to try. These are the perfect amount of silly for my daycare crew. Monster eyeballs are on the menu!


Here is what you need:

Oreos (we used mint)
Frosting gel

These are quick if you have these ingredients on had. No bake treats are fun and lots of fun for the kids to help with.

This was an idea I found on google images and here is the original

Monster Slime

Craft time is here and I wanted to keep them busy for a long time.


Here is what we used:
1 cup elmer’s school glue
1 teaspoon borax
3/4 cup cold water
1/2 cup warm water
Food coloring


In one bowl mix glue, cold water, and food coloring.

In another bowl mix warm water and borax

Then mix together slowly

There was a bunch of left over water once we mixed, just pour it out.