Colored noodles

These noodles are a great sensory play activity.  You can also eat them but no thanks 😉 We are celebrating halloween this week so today these are monster brains!


Here is what we used:
Food coloring
6 bowls

Cook noodles regularly

Divided into six bowls

Add a drop of olive oil and add food coloring, mix and let set 15 min

follow me here ♡

Our Halloween Table

Daycare Halloween decorations are always so fun. My favorite by far is the naughty daycare kids!


Here is what we used:

Naughty daycare kids were skeletons from the dollar store just in a jar with food coloring.

Maggots were rice, pudding, and water

Witch’s hair we used easter grass

Vampire eyeballs we used eyeball bouncy balls, water, and food coloring again.

Monster Salt Paintings

Monsters for everyone! Everyone had to make a few including myself 🙂


Here is what we used:
School glue
Googly eyes
Food coloring

I let the kids squeeze the glue bottles and make blobs of glue. Then I put on a few eyeballs and covered the glue with salt and poured off the extra salt.

I put a few drops of food coloring in a and inch of water. Then we very gently brush the salt and the paint will spreads and soon as the paint touches the salt. The kids loved this.

Halloween Mummy

This mummy was quick  and easy. Kids had a blast gluing away.


Here is what you need:

We cut black circles for the faces. Then smaller green, and even smaller ones for the inside of the eyes. Then we took white paper and let the kids cut it with craft scissors. You can rip it if you don’t have any craft scissors around your house.  Next you can give them glue and let them go crazy. I put glue on a plate and paint brushes. Saves me glue and a mess.

Haunted Houses

One look at these and I knew my 5 year old son would love to make this. Halloween is a week away and the kids are having so much fun getting ready. I feel a new family tradition starting here 🙂


My daughter had fun too! It took a little prep to get this one ready for them but it was worth it. They both spent an hour filling up the windows and telling stories about their houses.


We just used paper, glue, and markers.
I found this cute template here.