Valentines Necklaces

Here we go again melting beads♡


Melted Perler Beads


Here is what we used:
Valentines heart mold
Heart cookie cutters
Perler Beads
Pony Beads
Lacing strings
Cookie sheet

1. Place cookie cutters on top of cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray.

2. We separate the beads into colors.

3. I added a pony bead to the top of each thinking that would be a great spot to put in the string after.

4. Bake at 400 for 10 mins or until melted.

5.  I took them out and placed in freezer for a few mins.

6. Some of my pony beads fell out and they all melted shut. I just pulled out all the melted ones. There was still a hole so no worries.  I used a string, laced on one new non-melted bead and then laced though the ornament.

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February Preview

Here is our February daycare calendar. This is a preview if you want to craft and bake along with us.

Theme Animal Friends
Colors Pink & Purple
Shape Heart
Numbers 5 &15
Letters V & P
Have fun playing along with us♡


I will post affiliated links to Amazon below for your convenience.  Of course use what you have. These are just suggestions.

Supply List:
Valentine’s Pan
Peler Beads
Heart cookie cutters
White beans or you can use rice
Rubbing alcohol  (any store)
Clifford’s Frist Valentine’s Day
Construction Paper
Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse
Googly Eyes
Chocolate Chips
Gram crackers
Liquid starch
Clear glue
Salt (any store)
Pancake Mix
Coffee Filters
Conversation Hearts

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Painting Salt Sculptures

We thought we would use our valentine’s day pan again.


Here is what we used:
1 cup salt
1 Tablespoons water
Food coloring and water
Valentines Cookie Pan


Mix salt and water, press into any mold you have.

Let set in the mold over night.

Dump out and let dry a few more hours.

Once dry, drip paint on top.

We mixed a few drops of water with food coloring. I think water colors
would have been a better choice.

Watching the colors spread was really fun. This was not a take home craft. After the kids played we washed them down the drain.

We found this idea here

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Use those broken crayons one more time!

Don’t throw your extra crayons away! Have a little fun peeling, sorting, can watching them melt!



Pull out all your old crayons.  I know if you do daycare or just have a couple kids at home you probably have a bunch of broken crayons. Here is a perfect craft that will help use them up.

Here is what you need:
Valentines Cookie Sheet

Let the kids peel away.
Bake at 200 for 20 mins or tell melted.
Then let them cool.
If you are impatient like me or they stick, pop them in the freezer.