Mummy Dogs

These Mummy dogs are a hit for all ages 🙂 and also super simple.


Here is what you need:

Hot dogs

Crescent rolls


I cut the crescents into strips and wrap the hotdogs. Bake in the oven at 425 for 12min or tell golden. I used mustard for the eyes. Enjoy the smiles on all those faces.

Would You Like Some Worms With That?

This wormy drink is sure to put a smile on your littles faces. This is something you can put together quickly. Bonus kids think it is super funny to drink worms.



All you will need:

gummy worms

ice cube tray

apple Juice

drop of food coloring (optional)

For the ice cubes I just used water. We put them into green bug juice. The bug juice was apple juice with one drop green food coloring.

Spider webs

With Halloween coming up. I will post a really easy Halloween idea.


You will need:
Black paper (any color will work)
Plastic spiders (we got ours from the dollar store)
White paint
Glue (I hot glued them)
Box with sides
Golf balls

Put the paper in the box. Squirt some paint on the balls and let the kids shake it up. Glue on a spider.