4th of July Tie-Dye

What We Used:

  1. Prepared dye as instructed on package.
  2. Use a clothespin grab the middle of the shirt and twist. Then wrap a rubber band around to hold in place.
  3. Dip one half red and one blue. Leave a white line in the middle.
  4. Cut rubber band and lay flat to dry.
  5. Rinse with cold water.

Celery Stamping Roses

Another quick paint stamping project with the kiddos. Just cut up all your celery and use the end stock (the part you throw away) and let your little one stamp away. This makes such a cute rose print.


We used:
The end of the celery

Rainbow Cupcakes

These are so much fun to make. You will be looking for reasons to make rainbow cupcakes.


Here is what we used :
White cake mix
Food coloring
6 bowls
Cupcake liners
White frosting

Divide the cake batter into 6 bowls.

Add food coloring to each and mix.

Place a table spoon of each into cupcake liner.

Bake as stated on box.

Cool and frost.

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All Wrapped Up

These yarn wrapped hearts had the kids really thinking!

Yarn wrapped hearts

We used:
A plastic milk bottle
Dry erase marker
Heart shaped cookie cutter

Take the cookie cutter and trace a heart on the clean milk bottle with a dry erase marker.

Use the scissor to cut out hearts, and then cut little v shaped sits all along the heart edge.

I cut a long piece of yarn for each heart and taped it to the middle on the back.

Then let the kids try to figure out how to wrap all the yarn around their heart.

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