Rainbow Cupcakes

These are so much fun to make. You will be looking for reasons to make rainbow cupcakes.


Here is what we used :
White cake mix
Food coloring
6 bowls
Cupcake liners
White frosting

Divide the cake batter into 6 bowls.

Add food coloring to each and mix.

Place a table spoon of each into cupcake liner.

Bake as stated on box.

Cool and frost.

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Painting Tortillas

Did you know you can paint tortillas or toast. This super simple tip will make snack time more fun.

Painting your food

Here is what we used:

Food coloring

New Paint Brush


Edible eyes

Powered sugar (optional)

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

We cut out shapes with dinosaur cookie cutter to go with out theme this month.

To make the paint we just used milk and food coloring. I added a tablespoon of power sugar to make ours a little sweet.

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Turkey Toast!

We saw these today and it was settled turkey toast for lunch! The kids gobbled these right up. I found this idea on http://littlenummies.net/2008/11/gobble-gobble/.



What we used:
Peanut butter
Chocolate chips
Banana chips
Veggie straws
Gel frosting

I had all the ingredients in the orgial post but the kids had lots of fun using what was in our pantry.  They made it, they ate it!

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Mummy Dogs

These Mummy dogs are a hit for all ages 🙂 and also super simple.


Here is what you need:

Hot dogs

Crescent rolls


I cut the crescents into strips and wrap the hotdogs. Bake in the oven at 425 for 12min or tell golden. I used mustard for the eyes. Enjoy the smiles on all those faces.

Oreo Monster Eyeballs

I have never seen a cute craft I didn’t want to try. These are the perfect amount of silly for my daycare crew. Monster eyeballs are on the menu!


Here is what you need:

Oreos (we used mint)
Frosting gel

These are quick if you have these ingredients on had. No bake treats are fun and lots of fun for the kids to help with.

This was an idea I found on google images and here is the original http://www.100directions.com/oreo-cookie-eyeballs-halloween-treat-diy/

Indian Popcorn Corn

We wondered what would happen if we microwaved indian corn.  You guessed it, popcorn!


Here is what we used:
Indian Corn
Two paper bags

1. Cut off the stalk

2. Put the corn cob in one bag and place the other over the top.

3. Place in microwave for 2 mins 15 seconds