Christmas Tree Craft

These are super easy for little ones. Cut out two different colors of paper then let them mix and match.

Chistmas tree craft

Here is what we used:


Snow Ice Cream

Snow ice cream? Why Not? They eat it anyways. Actually I didn’t want them to eat it out of my yard (we have a dog) so I just made some quick in the blender.

Making ice cream out of snow

Here is what we used:
10 cups snow or (blended ice cubes)
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
and sprinkles

If you have not read this yet, you should. You only need sugar and food coloring.
Make Your Own Sprinkles

Cereal Box Star Ornaments

It is our daycare tradition to make a star ornament each year. This was the one from last year. We just pulled out tonight and put it on our tree ♡


Here is what we used:
A cereal box

First we cut out two squares from the cereal box and followed the folding directions here twice.

Then glued the two stars together.

We took them outside and spay painted sliver.

Once dry we added the ribbon

*** I did let the kids color them with markers but the marker was all faded off when we opened this year.

Milk Bottle Christmas Tree Ornament

Here is one of many Christmas crafts we have planned. They turned out so cute we had to share this idea early.



Here is what we used:
Plastic Milk Bottle
Cookie cutter
Pictures printed on computer paper
Modge podge ( you can make your own one part white glue two parts warm water, mix)
Paint Brush
Hole puncher
String or Twine

First I cut open a clean gallon size milk bottle.  Cut out the two flat sides. I got two stars out of each bottle.

We took the flat plastic pieces and traced a star cookie cutter and cut  the star out.

I borrowed the pictures from their parents facebook pages. I just opened up the pictures and hit print. Then placed the plastic star  over their faces, traced it, and cut it out.

Next I used a paint brush to modge podge the plastic star, placed photo star on top and modge podge over the top of it.

The kids used glue bottles and put a little glue on each corner. Then added glitter.

I punched a hole on the top of each and added a string.

DYI Sensory Table Snow

Because we don’t have enough already 😉 We thought we would give making our own a try.


Here is what you need:
4 disposal diapers
4 cups of water
Glitter (optional)

This was so easy cut open the clean diapers and pull out the lining.Then add water and glitter. Snow that won’t melt.

Update we had try try a few more ideas

Blue ice

And we wanted to see how much water this would hold
Apparently a lot! We filled this bowl to the top and it was still a gel consistency.

Eat Your Veggies, Taco Soup

Have a hard time getting kids to eat veggies.  My daycare kids eat this a couple times a month, and love it.


Here is what we used:
All the veggies I had on hand blended together.
2 green peppers
5 baby carrots
2 tomatoes
1 onion
1 cup water

Then add
Ground hamburger (cook ahead of time)
Black beans
Tomato sauce
Taco seasoning

Cook tell hot. I let cook on high for a few hours.
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