Spider Web

This web kept my little spiders busy for hours. The dance, walked, crawled, and even drove cars around on it.



Here is what we used:
Black electrical tape
Then I had a few spider stickers laying around the house.

More Spiders

I seem to be in a spider theme kinda mood. Here is another favorite.  All you need is paint and paper. Parents (myself included) love hand prints. Well the ones on paper anyways 😉


Paint (any paint will do. Most of time for handprints we use water colors for simpler clean up)
Glitter and glue (optional)

Mummy Dogs

These Mummy dogs are a hit for all ages 🙂 and also super simple.


Here is what you need:

Hot dogs

Crescent rolls


I cut the crescents into strips and wrap the hotdogs. Bake in the oven at 425 for 12min or tell golden. I used mustard for the eyes. Enjoy the smiles on all those faces.

Zombie Juice

I froze this zombie hand three times before the fingers didn’t break off. The daycare loved makeing this with me and drinking it of course.


We used:
A rubber glove
Apple juice
Red food coloring
Eyeballs and Bugs (from dollar store)

I clean out the rubber glove a few time with water. Then I filled it up and froze it. Once it is frozen, very carefully dip it in water and cut off the glove.

For the juice I just used 100% apple juice and added red food coloring.

Oreo Monster Eyeballs

I have never seen a cute craft I didn’t want to try. These are the perfect amount of silly for my daycare crew. Monster eyeballs are on the menu!


Here is what you need:

Oreos (we used mint)
Frosting gel

These are quick if you have these ingredients on had. No bake treats are fun and lots of fun for the kids to help with.

This was an idea I found on google images and here is the original http://www.100directions.com/oreo-cookie-eyeballs-halloween-treat-diy/

Monster Slime

Craft time is here and I wanted to keep them busy for a long time.


Here is what we used:
1 cup elmer’s school glue
1 teaspoon borax
3/4 cup cold water
1/2 cup warm water
Food coloring


In one bowl mix glue, cold water, and food coloring.

In another bowl mix warm water and borax

Then mix together slowly

There was a bunch of left over water once we mixed, just pour it out.


Salt Dough Pumpkins

These little salt dough pumpkins are super simple.  If your kids can roll a ball they can help with their own pumpkin.


We used:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
Food coloring (you can use paint after if you perfer)
stick for the stem


Mix salt, flour, and water. I used a mixer to get my color to mix evenly.

The kids each rolled a ball

I helped them put the lines in with a wooden Skewer.

We topped it off with a small stick for the pumpkin stem.

We baked for 3 hrs at 250.

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