Dinosaur Snot

It will surely bring a smile to your little ones face when you tell them they get to play with dinosaur snot 😉 Of course we just renamed Oobleck. Who named it that anyways?  The consistency is so fun, hard to pick up but turns into snot when you pick it up.

Dinosaur Snot

Here is what we used:
1 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup water

Food coloring

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Make Your Own Bouncy Balls

Here are the little balls (eggs) we made this morning.  We named our bouncy balls dinosaur eggs because that is the theme we are currently working on.


Here is what we used:

1/4 Cup Warm Water
1/2 Tablespoon Borax

1 Tablespoon of Cornstarch

1 Tablespoons School glue

Food Coloring

2 Small bowls

In one bowl mix the borax and warm water

In the next bowl mix glue, cornstarch,  and food coloring

Pour the borax mixture over the glue mixture and let sit for 10 seconds.

Take the glue mixture out of the water and roll together to make a ball.

**Just an fyi this ball will not completely harden. You may want to store in a plastic bag.

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Painting Tortillas

Did you know you can paint tortillas or toast. This super simple tip will make snack time more fun.

Painting your food

Here is what we used:

Food coloring

New Paint Brush


Edible eyes

Powered sugar (optional)

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

We cut out shapes with dinosaur cookie cutter to go with out theme this month.

To make the paint we just used milk and food coloring. I added a tablespoon of power sugar to make ours a little sweet.

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Salt Dough Snowmen

How cute are these little guys? I was a little doubtful due to other salt dough fails but we had no issues.


I saw these snowmen at Dollar Store Crafts and had to give it a try. Click over and see how cute hers are.

We used:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
acrylic paint
2 toothpicks

Make the dough by kneading together salt, flour, and water.

Next make three balls (I had kids do this part) and smoosh together. 

My kids also colored the toothpicks with a orange marker.

Stick the toothpicks and twigs into dough before baking.

I baked them at 250 for 3hrs and let cool

Painted white with acrylic paint.

I used a sharpie for eyes and mouth and painted on bottons and a heart.

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Christmas Wreath Craft

I have yet to find a kid who doesn’t like to paint. It was a little messy painting these wreaths, but worth it.

Christmas Wreaths

Here is what we used:
Two different size bowls
Green paint
Red bingo dobber
Loofah (you could use a regular sponge)

Christmas Wreath Crafts

Look for two bowls a big one and a little one. Trace the big one then center the little one, trace, and cut the both out.

Pour some green paint in a bowl, dip the loofah in and dap it all around the white circle.

Use the red bingo dobber and let kids make berries in any pattern they wish.

Cut a red paper into one inch strips. Staple two together in a v as shown above. Then pull the two end down and cross to make a bow. Staple together and to the wreath at the same time.

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Flying Rudolph Handprints

These are a little silly looking, but I love a to try a new handprint craft each holiday. What do you think? Would you try?


Here is what we used:
Googly eyes

Paint both hands and try to position right. This is not easy with little ones, lol. That why my deer are flying 😉

Add the eye, then use marker to add extra details.

I saw this a few times on daycare craft websites.

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