Slime and Amazing Super Bubbles!

First time we tried to make this slime,  and image the smiles you will get when you blow these giant bubbles with it!


These pictures don’t even begin to share the amazement in the kiddos eyes.


Here is what we used :
1/2 cup Elmer’s Glitter Glue

1/2 cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch

1/2 cup water
Straw (hard plastic worked best)

Mix the glue and water first. Mix well!

Then add the starch. Mix, mix, mix!

Dump out excess water. I actually used a strainer. Next knead together. Let the kids knead, and play with with the slime. This takes a while to become a slime texture. It was stringy tell fully mixed.

For bubbles, flatten out a piece of slime and wrap it around the straw. Then blow and hear the giggles begin.  Of course it is fun to get a giant bubble, but the kids laugh louder when they *pop*

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All Wrapped Up

These yarn wrapped hearts had the kids really thinking!

Yarn wrapped hearts

We used:
A plastic milk bottle
Dry erase marker
Heart shaped cookie cutter

Take the cookie cutter and trace a heart on the clean milk bottle with a dry erase marker.

Use the scissor to cut out hearts, and then cut little v shaped sits all along the heart edge.

I cut a long piece of yarn for each heart and taped it to the middle on the back.

Then let the kids try to figure out how to wrap all the yarn around their heart.

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Color Your Heart Out

I am loving  these mini hearts we made this year.


Pull out all your old crayons. I know if you do daycare or just have a couple kids at home you probably have a bunch of broken crayons. Here is a perfect craft that will help use them up.

Here is what you need:

Valentines Printable
Valentine heart mold

Let the kids peel away. For easier peeling let soak overnight.
Bake at 300 for 10 mins or tell melted.
Then let them cool.
If you are impatient like me or they stick, pop them in the freezer.

Valentines Sensory Beans

The kids will be thrilled to see there crayon hearts added to the beans.

Colored beans sensory table

Here is what you need:

Dry white beans
Food coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Ziplock baggies

Put beans in a bag and added a few drops of food coloring to the bag.

Then add about a 3 tablespoon of the rubbing alcohol and the beans. Seal the bag and mix tell all beans are covered and you have the color you want. I left my about three hours.

I used cookie sheets with wax paper and placed the beans on top to dry. Let the bean dry for a few hours.

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Butterfly Craft

These are fluttering all over my house today.  They only take a minute to make and are great cutting practice for preschoolers.

Butterfly craft

We used:
Valentines pencils
Hole puncher

Fold the paper in half

Help the kids draw a 3 against the folded side of the paper.

Help kids cut on the line

Open and you should have a butterfly shape.

Use the hole puncher to make a hole at the top and bottom of the butterfly and put the pencil though.

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