Catipiller to Butterfly!

My frist thought was we better have one for each kid, but then we decided we should see if we could keep this one alive, lol!

My best friend told me how to take care of this little guy, just a fresh piece of milkweed everyday in a clear cup with a coffee filter and a rubber band to keep it closed. Kids are having fun watching him grow eveyday.

Here is their observations so far:

Day #1
If you look really close you can see it on the stem.


Day #2
We see stripes!


Day #3
We see antennas! It is hard to tell from the pictures but he has just about double in size.

Day #8
After the weekend this guy has again doubled in size!

Day #12
Day #16

Day #25
He is hanging from the top!

Day #25
Wow! Yesterday the chrysalis was green! Today clear!
image image


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