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Watermelon Cupcakes


It  is always fun  to play with your food!  These watermelon cupcakes are perfect for summer.

We used:
White cake mix
Chocolate chips
Food coloring
Powered sugar

1. Follow the directions on the cupcake mix, then add red food coloring and half a bag of chocolate chips and bake.

2. Mix up an easy glaze just powered sugar, water, tablespoon butter (optional) and green food coloring.

3. After cupcakes cool. Drizzle the glaze over the cupcakes.

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May Day Flower

These flowers are great for a little cutting practice.


Here is what we used :
Construction paper


1. Cut two circles buy tracing a cereal bowl. Then cut one inch strips for the petals and stem.

2. Stapled the end of the strips together to make the petals and one green one for the leaf.

3. Glue or staple the petals to the back circle and the leaf to back of stem.

4. Glue the other circle on the front and the stem to the back.

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